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ANZ personal loan Singapore

ANZ personal loan Singapore

While going out and seeking loan facility in a country like Singapore, one has to be complete with their homework and related knowledge. Certainly you want a personal loan with flexible terms and immediate approval that is friendly to your pocket. 

ANZ personal loan in Singapore is quite popular amongst people who want to meet their daily life or any other living necessity. ANZ offers two kinds of loans as in ANZ fixed rate loan and ANZ variable rate loan. As the names suggest, they both have their own features that will assist you through the way. However, these loan amounts can be used for more or less the same purposes. Such as if you need to improvise your home, in need of paying for the new car, surprise your loved one with a holiday plan, need to spend some bucks on your dream wedding, have to travel on an urgent basis or required a collective loan amount to pay off other loans. 

ANZ Variable Rate Loan 

As this form of loan presents you with the ease of paying the loan early and do not charge anything. The rates charged on this loan are 15.99% annually that can be varied as per the financial market trend. This loan type brings you at least $5000 and higher up to $50,000 of the loan amount. You can either pay it off within a year or in the period of seven years. As the loan gets approved, you will be charged $150 for once. 

The bank does not use the amount that is paid extra by the customer. He or she can withdraw it whenever they want, though the conditions applied. With the variable rate loan, the client can get an additional amount of loan on the existing repayment plan. Yes! That sounds so favorable for all those who could be in sudden need of extra money. 

It is advised that the client should apply till midday and from Monday to Friday so that they could get approval in a day. For that, it is necessary that you have an account in the same bank so that the amount will be transferred on the same day. 

ANZ Fixed rate personal loan 

In the fixed rate personal loan, the borrowers are secured from facing the floating interest rates. They just have to stick with the one rate and already decided repayment sum. Even if there is a change occurring in the interest rate, you will have to pay as per the agreed rate. 

The interesting thing about these repayments is that you decide what suits you. It means that you can set the repayment amount as per your feasibility, thus, facing no halt in repaying the loan. 

The interest rate charged on this loan type is 12.45% per annum while if you pay the entire amount before time, then you will have to pay $300 more. The loan duration is also from one to seven years. 

For both of the ANZ loans, you must be above the age of 18 and submit the proper financial details along with the employment ones. The applicant is also required to earn $15,000 yearly.

Bad credit personal loan $5000 Singapore

Bad credit personal loan $5000 Singapore

Having a bad credit history means that it has become really difficult for the applicant to obtain loan later in life. Certainly, it affects your reliability and eligibility as a serious borrower. It shows that you do not have sufficient finances as well. 

Although, there are some lenders who could be generous yet smart enough to grant with the loan of around $5,000 despite having a bad credit history on short term. Some of the lenders in Singapore can still offer you this loan amount to meet your financial obligations. Some of these institutions are:

Bad credit loans 

There is no harm in try as you can apply and find out if they are willing to grant you loan or not. The borrower can also visit or call them and ask for an idea about how to get a loan with such financial situation. The online form makes it easier for you to apply and the money gets transferred as soon as possible. The clients are provided with all the details of their loan amount, the rates charged, about the repayment method, etc. these details are provided beforehand so that the borrower will have a clear idea while taking the decision. 


OppLoans offer you loan money from $500 to $5000 along with the viable repayment terms. The loan is in your account within a day means having an unattractive credit history is not going to disturb your monetary condition. The great thing is that they have the loan term of maximum 36 months and minimum 9 months. All you have to do is to meet their terms of minimum income. The benefit that any defaulter gets from this loan is that it provides you with the chance of improving your credit history. 


It will take you just a few minutes to apply for the loan at Landela and they can get you the borrowing amount of maximum $100,000. Now, as much as you borrow, the monthly payment cost will vary accordingly. The repayment calculator on the website will guide you with the payment schedule depends on the year to 7 years and from $1000 to $100,000. Landela do not ask that for what purpose the borrower needs the money, thus, you are free to use in any legal way that you want. The loan is deposited in your account a day after or in a day that saves you a lot of time. 

Credit thirty3

We know that bad credit history could result due to many reasons and that is why Credit Thirty 3 is the stop for you where you can look for assistance. For all the urgent cash requirements, this place never turns you down. Even if your salary is delayed, you can always look forward to this personal loan and get tension free. The company brings a number of loans to you such as business loan, grab taxi driver loan, payday loan and even if you are a foreigner in Singapore, you can get the Foreigner/ expat loan. The online form gives you the chance to not to waste any time and apply for the loan. 

Things to know about Cash Advance in Singapore

cash advance

Cash Advance is the process of obtaining cash by using a credit card. It seems simple but it has its own terms and conditions that you need to follow strictly. However, cash advance in Singapore is available on easy terms and you might not have to worry about the hassles and pain of the process. Here, we will explain to you how it works and everything that you need to know about the Cash advance.

The first thing that you should know about it is that this is an option that opted by the people when they have tried every other method of loan.

What do you need to know about Cash Advance in Singapore?

Remember that this is essential for you to know about the terms and conditions before you go for this option. It usually comes with high-interest rates and more high fees. So, if you are fully aware of your financing situation so you won’t end up in loss.

How Cash Advance Works in Singapore?

Cash by ATM:

You can take cash by using an ATM, a suitability check or with a bank cashier. You will require a PIN to take cash from an ATM. In case you don’t have a PIN set for your account, contact customer service and ask them to set your card PIN. Once you get that, the process of acquiring cash is the same as the debit cars. There are some major companies in Singapore with some best offers for Cash Advance. So, you can always short-list some of the best and contact the company as soon as possible.

Cash though Convenience Check:

Often credit card corporations refer convenience checks with special proposals to their customers. Convenience checks can be used as ordinary bank checks.

Things you should be careful before taking a Cash Advance

We know that there are still many questions popping up in your mind – but keep reading and you will get some amazing piece of information to stay in the right direction.

When you make a minimum sum using your credit card, the funds are applied to your acquisitions. This happens since most credit card issuers direct minimum payments toward items accruing lesser interests. You can’t mark items while paying your payments. You can’t appeal for capitals to pay off your cash advances before your consumptions.

This is some of the information that you should know before taking a Cash advance. However, it is not entirely possible to get terms and conditions from every credit card company in Singapore. There are some with simple and flexible terms but you should take this risk only after being sure of it.

There are some other types of loan that can help you with your business or any other needs. Use this option only in emergencies when you can’t avail any other option to fulfill your financial need. Even when you are sure, just be sure of the policies of the company too.

Personal loan Singapore bad credit

Personal loan Singapore bad credit

Having a bad credit history could be problematic when you are in need of some personal loan, especially in a country like Singapore. There are several situations that lead you without having any income or money for the hard times. However, there is some insurance that covers the cost, but even they are not enough sometimes and you need to have a personal loan. 

For obtaining a personal loan, it is necessary that you have a good credit rating otherwise it becomes very difficult to obtain any loan. It may look challenging, but there are always options that you can discover, such as:

Reform the existing debt amount 

Having a negative credit score means that you have some unresolved debt in hand that you need to repay. Prior to applying for any personal loan, it is advised that you get rid of the debt that you already have on your side. This is the only way through which you can progress towards a better credit score. 

You can ask a few favors from your bank, like to decrease the interest rate so that you do not have to pay an extra amount of debt on your currently owed money. The other option is to speak to your bank if it can increase the payment period so that you could pay a possible amount every month. This way, you can pay at least some of the amount. 

By reforming your debt structure, you can actually pay it pretty soon by not stopping the borrowed amount. Smaller amounts will keep your status active and your credit history will get improved and will help you in getting a loan in the future. 

Request for the minor amount first 

To have a neutral effect over your lender, it is advisable if you apply for the small amount of the personal loan first. 

Earlier, we have talked about repaying the loan in small amounts and longer payment periods for improving the credit history. Applying for a reasonable amount at first will help you in coagulating that relationship with your bank. You need to ensure about making payments on time and not to miss any of them. This is an important step that will help you in maintaining your loan reputation. When you continue with this practice, the money lenders will have an idea to grant you with the bigger loan next time. 

Personal loan from non-banking sector 

Certainly, banks are strict with the bad credit history holders and maybe refuse you for the loan amount. The financial institutions like Singapura Finance also offer personal loans to the people. They have some distinctive rules and regulations like with their packages and risk factors, but you eventually get the loan. It does not mean that they do not care for your history; they just have another way to deal while granting loans to you. 

Whoever you are taking a loan from, just make sure that everything is documented and you have approached the licensed company or bank in Singapore.

What’s the cheapest way to borrow money in Singapore?

cheapest way to borrow money in Singapore

Getting a loan in Singapore is not an easy task. The country holds some proper laws in place for the money borrowing with the annual fees, processing fees, and then interest rates. Whereas, there are ways through which you can get the loan on cheap terms that will help you in meeting your financial needs. 

It is somehow fortunate for the residents or foreigners in Singapore that they can reach out to the reliable banks for getting these loans that offer lenient repay terms. Some of these are mentioned below: 

Standard Chartered bank loan 

They offer you loan maximum up to $250,000 and a minimum $1000 or up to four times higher than your salary. The smart way to avoid hefty interest rate is by applying via MoneySmart. With MoneySmart, you just have to pay a rate of 3.88 percent per annum. For the personal loan appliers, the processing fees are waived that is $199 usually. The good thing about Standard Chartered is that they get you to cash the very next day that none of the other competitors like HSBC or Citibank offers. 

 Citibank loan 

You need to have a salary of $42,000 as a foreign worker or $30,000 as a Singaporean resident. They also propose you with the loan amount that is four times than your current annual salary. However, the interest rate is 4.55 percent annually. The loan is called Quick Cash by Citibank. The positive thing about Citibank is that you can get the loan approval within an hour and the amount is in your account the very next day. For the quick deposit of amount, you must be a Citibank account holder and if you do not have an account, then it will take approximately 5 working days. 

Citibank has stern regulations about late payments that are if you have not paid by 2 months, your loan will be halted and you will still have to pay the remaining loan amount as a penalty. The processing fee is nil for the Quick Cash customers. 

HSBC loan 

The HSBC personal loan is a kind of economical solution for all those who are in need of some big amount, but early repayment is stopping them to chase their desires. HSBC brings you the repayment period of up to seven years that is enough to pay bit by bit. The interest rates are 3.7 percent that is the most favorable as compared to the other banks in the industry. They actually have two interest rates that are 4 percent for those who have a salary amount of $80,000 annually. If you choose to pay early before 7 years, then the interest rate drops down to 3.7%. This bank also does not charge any processing fee, but the late payment has to be paid about $75 if you are unable to repay the monthly installment. 

UOB loan 

Before applying for the personal loan at UOB, it is advised to get the account or credit card as they pay via their credit card. While applying for the loan, you can get a credit card at the same time. They charge a bit higher interest rate that is 4.99% and your borrowing amount is dependent on your credit limit. If you are earning $30,000 per year, then applying for finance is not an issue here. They get you a quick loan approval while the submission timings are from 7 in the morning till 8 pm in the evening.

What you should know about the Foreigner loans in Singapore?

Foreigner loans in Singapore

If you are new to Singapore or are employed in Singapore as a foreigner? You might face a financial crisis and want to get a loan to resolve your problems. Then what you need is a foreigner loan. The good news is that in Singapore you can get a foreigner loan and advice with your loan will be provided by almost all licensed moneylenders.

Basic requirements to get a foreigner loan

Some of the basic requirements you need to achieve to avail a foreigner loan are as follows:

  1. Have a Work Permit, E-Pass, S-Pass or a passport.
  2. An employment letter sent from your company.
  3. Provide an existing Residential tenancy agreement.
  4. Must have a Paid Utility bill.
  5. Bank statement for the past 6 months.

Things to look out for when getting a loan

Before applying for a loan, you should know that the bank and check if it is licensed and the given package is ideal for you compare it with other banks or loan services. Confirm that the bank or moneylender provides all its customers the financial help they require. The interest rate is depending on the type of your loan; if it’s collateral-free then the interest rate will be higher if not then the interest rate will be low. But it is important to know the interest rate should not be exorbitant. Also here is a list of things you need to consider before taking out a loan.

  • Foreigners who each less than $10,000 annually can only take a loan of a maximum of $500.
  • Foreigners who earn between $10,000 to 20,000 a year can borrow up to $3000.
  • Foreigners who earn at least $20,000 can borrow up to six times their monthly income.

According to the new rules set by the ministry of law, moneylenders will also not be able to accept foreigners as guarantors, which helps the grantors from becoming liable to pay the debt if borrowers are unable to do so. Also, Moneylenders will not be allowed to lend more than 300 borrowers or exceed $150,000 in total principal loans to foreigners at any point in time. According to the new rule, the maximum number of foreigners loans a moneylender can give is 15 while not exceeding more than 50 foreigner loans a year.

What are the new rules for foreign loans from the ministry of law? 

  • The number of foreigners borrowing money has increased over the last few years and with these new laws, the credit association of Singapore said these new laws will be devastating to the industry. This new restriction will be used as an excuse to deny loan requests for foreigners who have a low income because of the low-interest rate and that the low loan will still be counted as a foreigner’s loan which is capped at 15 per month and 50 per year. So, most of the foreigners will lean towards the Loan Sharks.

    One thing to note about the new laws is that the moneylending authorities are also not allowed to refer a client to another company if their quota is full this will result in the foreigner to look other alternatives themselves which are a hassle in itself as most moneylenders would advise customers according to best of their abilities.
  • According to the new laws, the moneylenders can not advertise directly to any vulnerable groups which will result in low-income domestic workers to not be informed about the help they can avail from licensed moneylenders during any case of emergency.

    Foreigner loans already come with a higher interest rate as they do not have any properties or assets in Singapore which can serve as collateral.

RHB personal loan Singapore

RHB personal loan

One of the renowned banks in Singapore, RHB has been serving clients for years and many of the banking customers prefer going to them for this purpose. In Singapore, it is not easy to obtain personal loan and on the favorable interest rates. The RHB has come up with the consumer friendly term’./]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]=s that has made borrowing possible. 

The personal loan by RHB offers a number of loan options in this regard, such as small business loan, house loan, refurbishment loan, furniture loan, education loan, etc. the distinctive feature about having loan with RHB is that you get a 3.888% rate in the first three months and then the rate increases according to the regulations after that. It encourages you to pay off your debt as soon as possible. 

Some of the type of personal loans that you can apply for, are:

Education loan 

Nothing is possible in life without an education and that is possible when you have a degree from a good institution. The interest charged to the students is very nominal that it becomes easy for them to repay the amount. The repayment plans are also very friendly that enables you to pay either after completing your graduation or on a monthly basis by getting the installments. This allows you to make career choices more openly. The repayment duration could be as long as ten years. 

Home loan 

Having one’s own home in Singapore is so ideal and it is not impossible anymore too. With the RHB loan, things have become less complicated when you can apply for a loan amount and get it on the immediate basis. The home loan can be paid off as stretchy as 30 years or as quickly as within five years. Apart from that the loan is provided on two variable rate packages that is on a building under construction or on completing properties. The interest rates are decided as per loan is issued, after 3 months as the client will get a letter of offer. It is better if you keep all the documents in place so that the process could be initiated as soon as possible. 

Home renovation loan 

Buying your home is not the only dream that you have, there is a need of renovation as well. With the RHB renovation loan, you can get at least S$30,000. The loan can be repaid within 5 years with the different interest rates vary from $15,000 to $30,000 from the amount. The processing fees are one percent as per interest rate. The bank offers you an amount that is 6 times higher than your existing salary. The bank authorities also contact you if you fill in your details on the online form. 

Conclusively, the loan can be gotten for any purpose while meeting all the requirements of the bank. The tip that all of the borrowers must follow is that try to meet your repayment schedule to avoid being in the bad debt category. When you make repayment on time, it makes it possible for you to reapply for the loan in the future.

Do Successful Entrepreneurs always take big risks?


Entrepreneurs are the persons who start their own small business. These are the people who’re capable of doing a successful business because of their sharp minds and intellectual talents. Basically, they start their business on a small basis and take high steps to change their lives. 

Entrepreneurs take risky steps for the business anyhow these steps provide loss in the start but they’re very beneficial for the future. 

Are you looking to start your own small business and feeling worried about the growth? Seriously speaking the risky steps are the crucial part of every business and without them, the business cannot go high.

Why successful entrepreneurs always take big risks?

The successful entrepreneurs always take the big steps to grow their small business to the high mountains. Let’s discuss the reasons behind them.

  • As you take more steps you become more aware of the business rules. You start feeling confident as you gain the knowledge of all the tools, procedures and the methods. This thing makes them fear free and they start learning more because of the new risks every time.
  • You set your daily goals and move from impossible to possible. The entrepreneurs divide their daily tasks and start making dollars on a daily basis. No doubt they have to face some loss mainly in the start but this loss is far better. The small loss can be compensated through daily profits.
  • The successful entrepreneurs take the regular risky steps which make them unstoppable towards the destination.
  • If you don’t take the risks and don’t keep the daily investments surely you’ll be able to gain much success. If you do a tiny investment surely you’ll gain a very small profit. If you spend much on the products, website designing, marketing, advertising surely you’ll get a large number of customers in a very short time. The money costing factors can put a lot of benefit for the profit of the future.
  • Learn about the business very carefully and do regular research for development. Do the best practices for the success of your business. Make the checklists and the handbooks for the ways to go to a higher level.
  • The regular risk takers become so confident about the flaws of the business. It makes them succeed in the future. These risks make them much aware of the ups and downs. In this way, they don’t take any harmful steps in the future.
  • More experiments make you learn fast and do proper planning. The risks boost communication skills and make new customers. New risks lead towards new improved services. New innovations move you towards new ideas and success.
  • As the market grows much fast and the new services always impress the customers. Taking new risks make you learn the new ways thus there’re higher chances of your business growth.
  • The risks save your business from the economic downturn. When you face competition you get awareness about the products and the prices in the market.

In the last, it has been clear that the risks give greater chances for the establishment of your business and you become confident in persuading the customers towards you.

Lowest Interest Personal Loan in Singapore

Lowest Interest Personal Loan in Singapore

Lowest Interest Personal Loan in Singapore

When you need a personal loan, definitely you would get one with the lowest possible interest rate. We all need personal loans at some point but finding a lower interest rate can take forever, mostly it depends on lenders. So, we’ve done our research in Singapore on all personal loans offered by banks. Here is the detail of top banks who offered lower interest personal loan in Singapore, with their eligibility criteria, interest rate, and processing fees, etc.

HSBC Singapore

If you need to borrow a loan in a large amount but can’t afford big monthly repayment, HSBC Bank is for you. It offers the longest loan tenure. Further details are as follow:

Bank Loan Type HSBC Personal Loan
Eligibility Criteria Age: 21 to 65 years old (Singaporean/ foreigner)

Minimum Annual Income: S$30,000 (Singaporean) or S$42,000(foreigner/self-employed)

Employment Pass (with the validity of 1 year)

Interest Rate 4% p.a.  (if your annual income is $80,000 or above you can enjoy lower interest rate at 3.7% p.a)
Processing Fees $0
Maximum Loan Amount 4X your monthly salary (8X if your annual salary is S$120,000 or above
Monthly Installments S$617.22
Tenure 1-7 year

Standard Chartered Singapore

Apply for CashOne Personal Loan in Standard Chartered Singapore bank and get cash disbursed instantly to your designated bank account. It has the current lowest interest rate; further details are as follow:

Bank Loan Type CashOne Personal loan
Eligibility criteria Age: 21 to 65 years old (Singaporean/foreigner)

Minimum Annual Income: S$20,000 (Singaporean) or S$60,000 (foreigner)

Employment Pass (with the validity of 12 months)

Interest Rate 3.88% p.a. through money smart
Processing Fees S$199 (currently waived)
Maximum Loan Amount 4X your monthly salary
Monthly Installments S$620.22
Tenure 1-5 years

DBS Singapore – DBS Bank

DBS Personal loans are given either on your personal line of the card or your DBS credit card. But if you don’t have any of them still you can apply for the personal loan.

Bank Loan Type DBS Personal Loan
Eligibility Criteria Age: Singaporean or PR.21 to 65 years old

Minimum Annual income:  S$20,000

Interest Rate Starting from 3.88% p.a. depending on your risk profile
Processing Fees 1%
Maximum loan amount 4X your monthly salary /10x if your annual income is S$120,000 and above
Monthly installment S$619.07
Tenure 1-5 years

Citibank Singapore

Citibank personal loan is called Quick Cash. People who need money fast, Citibank promise to approve their application in 1 hour depending upon their eligibility. Further details are as follow:

Bank loan type Citibank Personal Loan (Quick Cash)
Eligibility criteria Age: Singaporean, PR or 21 to 65 years old

Minimum Annual income: S$30,000 (Singaporean, PR) or S$42,000 (foreigner)

Interest rate 4.55% p.a.
Processing fees $0
Maximum loan amount  4X your monthly income
Monthly installment S$622.06
Tenure 1-5 year

There are many other banks in Singapore which offers personal loans under flexible conditions and low-interest rate depending on your need. Like: CIMB CashLite it has no processing fees, the interest rate is 4.5% p.a. , and the monthly installment is S$315.UOB Personal Loan offers 4.99% p.a. interest rate, 1% processing fees, and monthly installment of S$319, and many other banks.

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ANZ personal loan Singapore

ANZ personal loan Singapore

While going out and seeking loan facility in a country like Singapore, one has to be complete with their homework and related knowledge. Certainly...
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